Plantation shutters

It’s a term that’s frequently bandied about, and they’ve enjoyed a recent resurgent popularity, but could you pinpoint exactly what plantation shutters are, or identify their benefits?

Essentially, these models originate from the huge cotton, sugar and tobacco plantations of America’s Deep South. Wooden shutters were ideal for the hot summers there, and were typically white, although they aren’t necessarily today.

Their defining characteristic is their large slat size, meaning fewer slats per unit. They let in a lot of light, maximise air flow and block out sunlight effectively while offering extensive privacy when closed.

Plantation shutters are stylish, versatile and insulating. They’re also easy to use and clean, and lend a touch of real class to any property.

Our solutions

We offer a range of bespoke plantation shutters offer elegant simplicity and are made from premium-grade materials.

Talk to us whatever the shape of your windows, including bays ones, and whatever colour you want for your plantation shutters. Each solution is aimed at providing a tailor-made, sophisticated design.

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