Tilt-and-turn windows

Practical and versatile, tilt-and-turn windows are a popular choice for homeowners, especially in modern properties.

These products can open fully in the same way as a casement model, or tilt from the bottom to angle the top of the window towards the room so you get ventilation coupled with full security.

The ‘tilt’ option gives you less ventilation if it’s windy, while the ‘turn’ part creates a wider opening for maximum air circulation. What’s more, these windows can’t be forced open from the outside.

Our solutions

The sleek-looking tilt-and-turn solutions we supply are suitable for a  range of properties. They are the ideal option for combining easy ventilation with a high level of security, and style with outstanding performance.

What’s more, they come in a vast array of coloured foils and woodgrains on top of standard white, and with different sizes of outer frame.

These products also have 70mm lead-free front-to-back multi-chambered profiles and provide outstanding thermal efficiency.

You’ll also benefit from:

  • Multiple locking points for enhanced security
  • Superb ease of cleaning from inside to clean the outside glass
  • Swift and straightforward opening and closing
  • Having a potential emergency exit
  • Suitability for multi-storey buildings

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