What’s so great about aluminium windows?

Back in the eighties, when aluminium window frames meant ugly-looking, poorly fitting products with a choice of grey or grey, this would actually have been an extremely good question.

Today, more architects are choosing aluminium for new-build designs, for which the sleek, thin lines of these windows can create a genuinely stylish look for a property’s exterior.

Here’s what you can look forward to with this cost-effective choice:


This really is aluminium’s key quality. It’s so strong you need less of it in your window frames, whatever their size. So more glass is on show, allowing more natural light into your home and increasing the windows’ thermal efficiency. This can help you save on energy bills into the bargain.

A hassle-free option

Tough, long-lasting aluminium windows don’t expand or contract with the changing temperatures of the British seasons, meaning you’ll never struggle to open or close them. Equally, aluminium doesn’t rust, rot or flake, nor does it need to be stained or painted, making it one of the lowest-maintenance options around. Even cleaning is incredibly easy – just give your windows the occasional quick wipe to keep them looking as good as the day they were fitted.

The eco-friendly choice

We’ve mentioned lower energy bills, and this reduced reliance on heating is certainly kind to the planet. At the same time, aluminium is sustainable and can be recycled easily, so its carbon footprint is minimal.

Enhanced security

Because, as we’ve seen, aluminium is so robust and durable, these windows give you the peace of mind of feeling safe in your own home. What’s more, modern aluminium models are available with highly secure, multi-point locking systems for added reassurance.

To sum up, these windows give your property a superb look while you enjoy all the performance benefits of modern windows. Finally, aluminium is flexible, offering almost limitless design possibilities.

We can chat through the benefits of aluminium windows with you in more detail – free of charge and with no obligation. And, of course, the same benefits described above apply to aluminium-framed doors. Give us a call today.